Workbond Hours & Remaining Tasks

Reimbursement forms can be filled out and returned to the treasurer


Please use this form for submitting workbond or RSO hours to our work bond chair. Upon clicking “Submit Form” an automated email will be sent to and forwarded to the responsible parties.

Workbond Task List

If you are looking for things to do around the range for workbond credit, the following tasks need to be completed at the range. If you identify something that needs to be addressed that we are not aware of, please fill out the form below and an automated email will be sent to the Corresponding Secretary to update this list and the issue will be discussed with the Board of Directors. ***Before purchasing any materials, please check in with the treasurer to see if the materials you’re planning to buy have already been purchased.***

Workbond Task List:

  • Need to lay gravel base around targets that could start fires (shotgun patterning board area, metal steel target stands, 100/200/300 target stands, etc.) [High Priority Task] – Gravel truck delivery complete; The fine crushed gravel/bree is needing to be placed at the 100-yard, 200-yard, front of firing line surfaces of 100 & 200/300, the 100 and shorter distance target berms/emplacements on the 200-yard range to help rifle & silhouette shooting.
  • 300 yard range: dirt berm is not high enough behind targets and shooting near middle to top of target boards could hit rocks up on the hill [High Priority Task]
  • Make gravel ramp for maintenance shed – Gravel truck delivery expected 11/9/22
  • Reorient outboard steel square beam to vertical (Please contact Jeff Bank for more info)
  • Clean out Tractor shed of all junk and organized. It is intended to be a maintenance shed
  • Tool peg board needs to be built inside the tractor shed to organize all tools – Please install pegboard on the west side of trailer over the shelves and install horizontal 2x4s behind the pegboard for additional support. These 2x4s should span across the entire gap between the vertical 2x4s that support the shed’s siding – Materials have been purchased and are located in the back room of the RSO shed. You will need a power drill or extension cord to perform this task.
  • Missing shingles and potential hole in 100 yard range covering; We repaired the hole in the roof from below during the Oct Maintenance Weekend event, but we still need shingles (temporary fix to get us through the winter) or perhaps an entire 4×8 plywood sheet and shingles replaced (spring-time task)

Has a task been completed and needs to be removed from this list? Is there something you saw out at the range that needs to be addressed and is missing from this list? Please fill out this form to let us know.