Membership Benefits

Archery Hunting at Lockheed Martin:

To hunt on Lockheed Martin Waterton Campus Property, please adhere to the following steps

  1. Be a current member of the Skyline Hunting and Fishing Club
  2. Apply for CPW hunting tags for elk, deer or fall turkey in area 461
    2. Hunting on Lockheed Martin Property is only for vertical archery equipment; crossbows and guns of any kind are not allowed.
  3. Complete and pass an Archery Hunters Ed course (this is in addition to your normal Hunters Ed course completion) for everyone participating on site
    1. Colorado Parks and Wildlife classes (space limited) can be found & registered for here: Contact Mitch Arnold (720-496-6106) or Bruce Roth (720-635-2987) for questions about potential CPW courses hosted by SHFC instructors.
  4. Partake in a minimum of 5 hours of work bond on Lockheed Martin Waterton property before hunting begins in August
    1. Work Bond can be completed by yourself, or when we send out dates & times for work parties. This can be for any area of the larger club, not just the archery & hunting groups.
  5. Attend one of the Lockheed Martin Safety and Security Hunting Briefings in July and August
    1. This mandatory training session is for any SHFC member prior to issuance of license to hunt on Lockheed Martin Property
    2. The session is one hour long and will discuss the permittable hunting zones and safety while hunting on Lockheed Martin Property
    3. Check email, newsletter and website for dates and times of sessions
  6. Return signed Hunting License Agreement to SHFC Archery & Hunting Chair.
  7. Return signed Hunting Permit to Plant Protection ā€“ must have a copy of their back-signed permit in your possession while hunting (
  8. Receive Hunting Back Tag once all other steps are complete ā€“ must carry & place visibly outside of your person at all times while hunting.
  9. Familiarize yourself with & abide by all rules required of hunters by Lockheed Martin.

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