RSO Training

How to Become an RSO and How to Request RSO Calendar Access

By Tom Jedlicka

To Become an RSO you must:

1. Attend Range Safety Officer (RSO) training provided by Gene Adamson (303-619-6713) [Gene is available most Saturday mornings at the range, please confirm availability with him]

2. Perform 2 hours of RSO on-the-job training by shadowing another RSO that Gene approves of. After the 2 hours, ask the RSO on duty providing your training to send an email to either John Larue, Jim Cathcart, or Gene Adamson, stating that they were comfortable with your demonstrated understanding of the RSO duties. John Larue will change your record in the system and will provide you confirmation of your RSO status.

Once you have completed steps 1 and 2 you may request access to the RSO calendar.

How to Request RSO Calendar Access:

Visit our website RSO Calendar page and fill out the RSO Calendar Access Request form, linked below.

Submit your Name and Email address associated with your WordPress Username. Check off the box that indicates that you have met the requirements and please answer the gate code question – this will allow us to filter out spam emails that may use this form.

Don’t have a WordPress username yet? Click Here: (Then click “Create a new account”)

How to submit a RSO Calendar Event: See pdf on the RSO Calendar Page titled: “RSO_Calendar_Create_Calendar_Events