The 2023 Board of Directors Ballot is now available. Must be returned no later than 6th of February, 2023

The Range is officially open! All members must attend a Rebriefing Event prior to range use.

Additional Rebriefing Events have been scheduled for the month of November. Before using the range, attending one rebriefing event is MANDITORY FOR ALL MEMBERS. Please register for a single event using the link provided in any of our emails, Event Calendar, or the Oct/Nov Newsletters. Shown below are the documents associated with the Rebriefing Event that you must bring with you, completed. The Oct and Nov newsletter capture all of the instructions for these documents and lists all of the required materials you need to bring to the Rebriefing Event you registered for. This list includes a copy of your proof of employment/retirement and your badge/membership ID#.

2023 Membership Renewal Sessions will resume in March

Hard copy or online versions are available! Visit the Membership Apply / Renewal Page for more information!

Important Range Documents

(Updated Oct 2022 – For convenience, documents for the 2022 reopening are shown above)

Our Community Commitment

With the ever increasing strains and pressures of modern day life, it is not only desirable but necessary to put them aside occasionally and live for awhile under the more primitive conditions which enabled them to build this great nation. From this, the Skyline Hunting and Fishing encourages, to the highest degree, sportsmanship not only among its members, but all persons engaged in a competitive or noncompetitive sporting events, including hunting and fishing. It has a growing membership constantly adding new facilities and activities which appease to new and current members. Whether you are interested in upland game, waterfowl, big game, fishing, conservation, shooting, archery, hunter and bow hunter education or social events, then Skyline Hunting and Fishing wants to be a part of your recreation.