Membership Applications and Renewals

The 2022 renewal session is currently postponed. When we are provided direction to reopen the firearm ranges, the renewal sessions will be conducted in person. Membership throughout the 2021 year is being extended for those still interested in using the archery ranges and boat/fishing benefits as we continue to work towards reopening the firearms ranges and schedule those renewal sessions.

Normally, All memberships Expire April 1st

Traditionally, our memberships expire April 1st each year and a failure to complete renewals prior to that date results in deactivations of SHFC badge / membership ID, revoked range sign in privileges, and revoked club benefits. If you have extenuating circumstances (TDY, Vacation, Medical, ect…) please let us know. However, this year, since the firearms ranges have not reopened, we are extending our 2021 memberships and will perform renewal sessions once we reopen the firearms ranges.

Once you’ve been deactivated, individuals must then re-apply as a new member which will include the initiation fee. Please refer to the “New Membership” section on this page.

2021 Renewal Information Below (This section will be updated for 2022 once firearm ranges can be reopened)

New Membership
Hard Copy Applications ONLY

More Information

Total : $62 – $150

$50 Initiation Fee + Prorated Membership Due (Reference Application)

Skyline Hunting & Fishing provides private memberships for current or retired employees of Lockheed Martin Company, United Launch Alliance (ULA), or an affiliated Defense Department contractor

All items below must be brought to your Range Orientation!

Please use this contact form below to contact John Larue at for any questions!

Contact John Laure
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Application Process
  • Bring a Check (made out to SHFC) or Exact change for membership initiation fee + dues
  • All required documents are available for download up below in the “Membership Documents” Section
    • Bring Filled out Application for Membership
    • Bring Filled out Liability Waiver
    • Bring Completed Range Access Test
  • Provide proof of firearms Training (No proof no problem! Visit our Educational Services page for more)
    • CCW Permit
    • DD-214
    • Hunter Education Card
    • Certificates
      • From a competition
      • NRA Course

Member Documents

Membership Renewal


DEADLINE : March 31, 2021

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, SHFC is providing two options for renewal: Hard Copy Renewal OR an Online Renewal. Details are below for both options.

Do not wait until the last minute to complete your renewal. The BOD will be processing documents first come first served to get the range system data updated. Late submission can cause delays in your range access.

General Information

Total : $50 – $100

$100 Annual Due – Work bond Credit (Max of $50)

Skyline Hunting & Fishing provides private memberships for current or retired employees of Lockheed Martin Company, United Launch Alliance (ULA), or an affiliated Defense Department contractor

Renewal Process
  • Guest documents will not be accepted at renewal sessions.
  • Renewal sessions will take place at the club house.
    • Renewal Session dates and times an be found at the bottom of this page
    • Members must attend only 1 session
    • Bring your membership badge
    • Bring Filled out Liability Waiver
    • Bring Completed Range Access Test
  • Upon conclusion of Renewal Session
    • You will scan your membership badge to reactivate it for the new membership year
  • RSOs
    • Please bring proof of signing up for 6 hours of commitment for the new year to maintain eligibility. You may also email John Larue prior to the Renewal Session to avoid the wait.

2021 Renewals


Check or cash is accepted. Please make checks out to Skyline Hunting & Fishing Club
Folks choosing to renew online will have the option to use PayPal as another form of payment.

Life Members : FREE

Regular Members: $100

Any member who has recorded any amount of workbond hours in 2020 will receive full credit.
Members with any workbond hours for 2020: $50


Download and review our Annual Safety Briefing prior to doing any application related items below.

Option 1: Hard Copy Renewal Application

Download, review, sign, and return all documents with payment by:
1) Snail Mail (USPS) : Please use PO BOX provided below
2) OR dropping them off at the RSO shack. Drop off will be clearly marked.

Required Renewal Documents
2021 SHFC Liability Waiver Form Member
2021 SHFC Liability Waiver Form Member Additional Statements
2021 SHFC Range Rules
2021 SHFC Cease Fire Rules Chart
2021 SHFC Range Safety Access Test
SHFC Mailing Address
Skyline Hunting & Fishing Club
Attn: John LaRue (Membership)
P.O. Box 621489
Littleton, Colorado 80162-1489

Option 2: Online Renewal Application

Please Read

Only use this renewal method if you would be comfortable providing name, address, phone number, and email address details via email communications

1) We do not save any data to our web server
2) Form details are emailed to the Board Of Directors and responsible parties for membership renewals.
3) The Member and the BOD will receive an email confirmation after completing each step.
5) Please use valid emails and check your your spam/junk folders for emails.

As you submit your forms, you will be automatically directed to the next step of the renewal process.

You will see a simple progress bar at the top of the page. Please start with Step 1 below