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This test is an open book test so please use the range rules document provided.

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This is not a “Pass/Fail” test. However, individuals that score less than 80% will need to speak with the member of the Board Of Directors to ensure you understand the questions you got wrong.

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Who must be present at all times at the shooting facility during regular club use
Fill in the blanks (use lowercase) *known grading issue with this question please dont email if you get it wrong
All firearm ranges are open from ½ hour before until PM, except during normal working hours Monday through Thursday (AM to PM) when the ranges will be closed. The range will be closed during periods of high   risk as determined by LMSSC officials. Also, it the RSO must leave, the range is closed at that time.
When are firearms allowed on the SHFC Archery ranges?
The Archery Range includes
Anyone who is going to shoot at the Archery Range, and has not shot there before, must:
No member may discharge a firearm at the range unless: (Select the Best Answer)
Upon initial arrival at the range, the two most important things to do are:
What are the two most important actions that members & guests must perform before departing the range ?
Which type of firearms do not require the use of an open bolt indicator (OBI) or empty chamber indicator (ECI) while on the firing line ?
A “COLD” range means:
On the firing line, is handling of firearms allowed when people are down-range?
Access to the 100 yard target areas (beyond 25 yards) is prohibited when which of the following conditions exist:
Access to the 200-300 yard target area (beyond 25 yards) is allowed while:
What are the two correct answers for bringing children over 10 years of age and older and children under 10 years of age onto the range?
Constellation Drive from SSNA to DPF must be closed prior to skeet shooting.
Recovery of unbroken clay birds from the Shotgun Range casual shooting area (manual throw area) is NOT PERMITTED, while other ranges are in use….?
Per the Range Rules, how many guests may a member bring out to the range that are not part of their immediate family?
While on the SHFC firearms ranges, use of eye and ear protection is required
It is permissible to go to the pistol house target positions for marking, scoring, replacement or removal of targets on both the 25 yard and 50 yard target locations while shooting is under way on the 100 (which includes the plinking area), and the 200 & 300 yard ranges) ?
When are alcoholic beverages allowed on the SHFC ranges?
Who is responsible for guests?
What area may members use for training hunting dogs?
After passing through a gate on the way to a SHFC range, what condition should the gate be left in?
Currently, drawing a loaded handgun from any type of holster is prohibited
Shooting cross range is allowed when:
Unattended firearms on any range firing line must:
When must members bringing guests to the SHFC ranges have their guests sign a Release of Liability (i.e. “waiver”)?
All matches and organized SHFC range events shall be preceded by a Safety Briefing to be presented by the Event Range Officer.
The use of open bolt indicators (OBI’s) / empty chamber indicators (ECI’s) is mandatory at shooting positions when shooters are down range setting up targets, or when the firearm is unattended on the firing line.
When are persons allowed on the top of the divider dirt mounds (berms) that separate the Pistol House from either the shotgun range or the 100 yard range?
“Tracer” or “Incendiary” Ammo is not allowed on the range ? No “Hollow Point” Hand Gun (Pistol or Revolver) Ammo is allowed, excluding .22LR Ammo or any other Rimfire Ammo? No Exploding Targets are also not allowed on the range..
Upon arrival at the Wadsworth range access gate, if the RSO sign is displaying “Off Duty”, and no RSO is scheduled for duty, only trained RSO’s may change the sign to “On-Duty”, and then proceed to the range, open the range, and assume duty as the Ad-Hoc RSO.
While transporting firearms to and from the SHFC ranges via the range road, firearms must be:
If an unsafe condition is observed on any range, who is authorized to call a “cease-fire”?
Who is allowed to discharge selectable fire / full automatic firearms at the range?
Which statements are true?
When is smoking allowed at the range?
Which statement is true?
No hand or mechanically thrown clay bird shooting is allowed on the 100- or 200/300-yard ranges or pistol house except during club sponsored events
The most direct way for members to determine if an RSO is scheduled for duty for opening the range is
Unloaded pistols and revolvers may be carried on the member’s strong side (left or right side) in a molded holster, No magazine installed / cylinder empty, no round in the chamber. If worn, Hand Guns must be visible at all times and not concealed by clothing ?
The shotgun range operates under: ?
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