2021 BOD Election

It’s time for SHFC members to select the Board of Directors to run the club for 2021.  The ballot will be emailed to members and it will be available for download from the SHFC website (www.skylinehfc.org).  Cast your vote for one and only one candidate per office.  Place an “X” or check mark to the right of the name of your candidate of choice.  Completed ballots must be returned no later than the 1st of February 2021.  Completed ballots may be returned via e-mail to Jim Cathcart (james.a.cathcart@LMCO.com) or by U.S. Mail to Jim Cathcart, 10346 W. Bellewood Pl, Littleton, CO, 80127.  Ballots may also be hand delivered to the SHFC Board of Directors at the beginning of the February 1, 2021 SHFC Board meeting (be advised that the BOD meetings are occurring offsite due to COVID-19 restrictions).  Mailed and hand delivered ballots must be signed, e-mailed ballots will be validated by e-mail return address.  One ballot per member only.

We’re not planning to us interoffice mail this year due to the whole COVID mess and the fact that most employees are still working remotely.  We don’t want to run the risk of ballots getting delayed and not counted.

Just like the federal, state, and local elections, if you don’t vote you have no basis for complaining!

Any questions can be directed to Jim Cathcart (james.a.cathcart@LMCO.com). 

Download Ballot

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